What do we want? PROPS! When do we want them? NOW!


Do you have any amazing props tucked away and no longer being loved?

Too much year left at the end of your VM budget?

Wanting to create more space? Top up the coffers? Add heat to your hot spot with the help of So… Visualise?

Read on …

If your props and other visual items are now ‘prop’er dust gatherers, then we might have a solution.

As a creative professional, you’ll have props that are now destined for the ‘done and dusted’ shelf but they are too good for the bin.

Team So… Visualise could be your rescuer today!



We are looking for excellent quality ex-display objects & materials...and quirky is good! Items we can revive and add to our prop hire collection, nothing too crazy big or heavy, though.   

Pre-loved or pre-owned props  such as TV, films, theatre, shops, attraction displays.

Items from photo shoots that were the focal point, but are now out of the frame.

One hit wonder products.

If you loved it, we will probably love it, then we can offer it to new clients to love...spreading the joy!


Email us: clear photos of the props, a brief description including size, approximate weight and also where you are based.

We will then let you know either way if it’s something we can welcome into the world So … Visualise. There’s nothing worse that not knowing.

See easy peasy! We are looking forward to seeing your creations.