So Visualise was established in 2012 and has grown from a one (wo)man band into our lovely work family and network of creative artisans based around the countryside of North Yorkshire and across the nation. We are so proud of what we do and how we've grown.

We are now working with a huge network of businesses and independents up and down the country from VIP events, to luxury retail displays in Knightsbridge and props for TV production to name but a few of our client’s fields. We love the variation from one week to the next and getting our creative cogs seriously working.

One day we are quoting for 10 baby mammoths 1.5m high, the next we are working on intricate paper sculptures then on to a local blacksmith making meat cleavers.

So...much more to come, wonder what's next?!

We are passionate, we are fun and we give the personal touch with a hint of madness to add a splash of colour so thought you might like a behind the scenes look into how our story started with our founder Lisa's personal journey.




Founder's Story

I knew from an early age that design was part of my DNA. How, where and what to do with it was all to discover.

7 years old copy.jpg

So...My first

I was about 7 years old when I lovingly convinced my dear Nanna to let me stencil paint around her kitchen! I, in Blue Peter style, drew and cut out a fork, knife and spoon shape in cardboard (probably from a cereal box) and with her bathroom sponge and blue paint I stencilled her a border.

She said all her friends admired it! Yeah maybe a white lie of love but still she was proud!

So...many doodles later

We moved to the Yorkshire seaside town of Scarborough and that little girl made her way through school years and headed straight for the creative College of Westwood Art & Design to study ‘Foundation in Art & Design’ then progressed to HND in Graphic Design.

Loving the creative atmosphere my quirky creative side blossomed, pushing boundaries with my projects.

So...a Hop, Skip and Jump to Europe

After adding an A level Interior Design to my skill set and working successfully across design fields for some years my next experience was working in an international interior design studio in Mallorca. I gained so much knowledge there working with international clients and with a creative event planner I really was in my element, my craving for creativity was truly fulfilled.

work pic.jpg

So...time to come home & make it happen for me

By now I have 2 great kids, school runs and 1st world problems, wanting to be more in control of my future back in England I appreciated more what was here on our door-step. I networked to establish what I could do and what would work when a conversation sent me in the right direction, “Marquee wedding interior design, nobody knows what to do with a blank canvas”.

In 2012 the seed was planted. I began with a barn wedding (literally was pig barn, yup pigs inside it, before we transformed it), something no one had done before. So...after posting on facebook we began to get enquiries.

So Visualise logo.jpg

So...what's in a name?

So...what should I name the company?

So...I want to keep the styles open no restrictions, flexible


So...we need to help our clients visualise


So Visulise.peacock.Knightsbridge.London.jpg


Very quickly we began to get enquiries from other fields we never even considered. Visual merchandising, editorials, product promotions and more. My eyes widened and my eagerness grew, my next step came Nationally through the eyes of the web viewer, we fulfilled so much more. So...I spread my wings and threw my net further afield.

We are now bigger than I ever imagined and we have such a great team. I couldn't do it without them.x