Case Study: L’Occitane & So… Visualise.

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The global beauty and skincare brand required unique, immersive bespoke pieces for one its prestigious London stores.


We had a tight timescale using a variety of textures, colours and transportable pieces.


L’Occitane is a luxury skincare brand that has its roots in the South of France.

The company started with a small truck and young man distilling rosemary oil … the rest is history.

L’Occitane got in touch with So… Visualise after seeing our stand at a trade show.


To keep the atmosphere and beauty of Provence in a shop fitting and a spectacular social media wall; taking those who saw either of the bespoke pieces to France without the need for a passport and encouraging them to buy a luxurious piece of Provence.
The pieces had to be easy to transport and the delicate pieces had to arrive intact.

Precision cutting for certain parts of the project were required. 


For the social media backdrop, we created a completely one-off, artificial-yet-looks-real foliage wall. The result was textured and luscious and formed an immersive, tangible focal point and backdrop for social media photos.

We came up with idea of having the installation on castor wheels so it was easily moved once assembled.

The wall also had to have the iconic L’Occitane logo in a prominent position.

In order to achieve the depth and organic ‘look’ of the wall, each stem, piece of foliage and ‘flower-head’ had to individually placed so the layers were gradually built up, each one in its perfectly mapped-out place.

For the London store installation, we had to capture Provence in an immersive retail outlet in the new Westfield Shopping Centre.

The piece had to ‘float’ above customer’s heads … in short, it was an upside down floral display. 

The piece had to reflect the ethos of L’Occitane, which draws its inspiration from Mother Nature. 

We hand-gathered over 200 blooms, and having learned from the social media wall and its success, we knew we had to place each flower individually in an upside down position without a petal or stem out of place.

This took time, patience and skill yet the results were inspiring.

The Visuals

We took into consideration the ethos of the brand and the iconic shade of yellow, which captures the warmth of the Provence sun.

Project Delivery

We delivered the project on time and it was ready for the store’s launch.

Five artisan creators were involved.

We had to think ‘outside of the box’ for safe delivery of the project, with special packaging required.

Use of laser cutting for the logo was essential so the brand was prominent and exact.

This project had to involve myself, Lisa Borrie along with an assistant at the time of installation.

The Benefits

So… Visualise got the opportunity to work with a globally renowned brand with nature at its heart. Following this, we have worked with a number of different brands. 


September 2018 to February 2019

What Next?

With the continued support of Yorkshire in Business, So… Visualise will go from strength to strength.