So...our bubble brained idea!

We see bubbles … lots of bubbles … in the Big Smoke!

For the second year running, we attended the VM&Display Show at the Business Design Centre, The Angel Islington, London. And this year’s theme came from a moment of inspiration we had after last year’s event!

On the way home in 2018, we spotted a traditional laundrette … black and white tiled floors … the marvellous ‘old school’ washing machines … bright lights … think 50s America and maybe the famous Levi 501 TV advert, if you’re of a certain age (scarily, this was first aired in 1985!!!) And pop! This year’s theme was sorted.

You could say we were squeaky clean in 2019 as the laundrette theme really inspired us. In the run-up to the event, we involved young people from our local community to help us prepare our stand. The Futureworks NY team re-cycled about a zillion plastic drinks bottles into bubbles. Yes, bubbles … and lots of them!

SoVisualise.VM&Displayshow2019.recycled plastic bubbles.jpeg

We then asked talented graphic artist Savannah Storm to create the washing machines in a fabulous shade of pale turquoise, complete with stripy washing inside! 


The bubbles and other water-effects cascaded down the side of our stand and we even had our own range of So… Visualise washing aids ... other cleaning products available! 

We drove down to the VM&Display Show ready for set up on the Tuesday and as this was our second visit, we knew what to expect and also saw old friends from last year. So… that was ‘a load’ off our minds!

We were then ready for the show (Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th April) and our branded bottles of bubble mixture were an immediate hit … after all, could you resist blowing bubble through that special wand?

The show was busy, busy, busy and we made some excellent contacts. And while making contacts and reconnecting with potential clients is one of the main reasons for attending, this year’s USP was also the involvement of the Futureworks NY team.

This amazing organisation helps young adults find their potential when other ways maybe haven’t always worked out. Collaborating with them was hugely rewarding and we’ve since worked on another project for L’Occitane with this amazing team!

Our stand has also been featured on the Retail Focus website, which is fantastic.

We are hoping to attend next year … ‘wash’ this space!