Here at So… Visualise, we’ve been working on one of our most successful projects so far.

It had nothing to do with travelling to an exotic location, a bustling metropolis like London or meeting up with company executives.

We’ve been much closer to home … in fact, we’ve been working right here in sunny Scarborough with old plastic bottles. Honestly! Allow us to explain.

Next month, we’re heading off to the Visual Merchandising and Display Show in London for the second year running.  And we’re so … excited about this! Yet we needed to prepare our stand so it would ‘stand’ out from the hundreds that ‘set out their stall’ for the event on April 3rd and April 4th at Angel Islington in the capital.

As a business that firmly believes in giving back to the community, we approached Futureworks NY of Scarborough to see if they would be interested in helping us get ready for the London trip.

If you’ve not heard of Futureworks NY, they’re an amazing organisation that helps young adults ‘find their way’ in a world that can be confusing and very challenging as they make their way into adulthood.

We tasked the students, aged 14 and above, with a creative challenge … re-purposing plastic drinks bottles into fun bubble shapes which would be on display to the great and the good of the visual merchandising world. We reached out via social media for bottle ‘donations’ and we were soon well stocked for our project. The time we spent with the students was so  … rewarding!

Futureworks bubbles.jpg

We had two sessions a week in which we could join forces at their workshop.

The challenge gave our students the chance to follow a design brief from start to finish, to see that creativity is something that is truly valuable and also see there is a chance to succeed here in their home town. We worked alongside the Director of Futureworks NY, Sarah Thornton, who was delighted with the result. 

Sarah said: “Our learners enjoyed being part of this creative project and recycling plastic bottles which they would normally just see as rubbish. Meeting Lisa, who is from our local area, has inspired our young people and made them see a bigger picture of what goes on beyond Scarborough! They are also looking forward to seeing the end result of the project.”

We’re so … chuffed at the result.

We can only say how wonderful it’s been and maybe other businesses could benefit in a similar way … getting young people involved and giving them hope, and an insight into a world that is waiting for them and their talents. 
Sometimes talents are hidden or need a little bit of encouragement to emerge. We sincerely hope we’ve been able to inspire and allow these fabulous young folks to ‘visualise’ a positive future for themselves.