Olivia's Interning Story

My Interning Story…

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 "The expert in anything was once a beginner." 

-  A quote that the most inspiring man to me repeats regularly, my dad … once an intern himself.

I am so happy to be writing this blog post about my new position as an intern at the Oh, so... inspiring and exciting Visual Design Company, So... Visualise.

 Just four months ago, I was at my graduation, proudly holding my degree certificate surrounded by my loved ones, knowing exactly what I wanted and what I had to offer, yet there was no-one I could it express it to.  

 Like all graduates, I was fiercely checking emails in the hope of an opportunity that would jumpstart an exciting career. We can only hope and pray this will be in an industry that we are remotely passionate about. I had numerous emails suggesting they ship me off to Dubai or China to teach English ... what an amazing opportunity, but just not for me! At fifteen years of age, I knew that I wanted to work in the design industry where I could truly let my creativity flourish. I always thought this would undoubtedly involve a family-associated town girl having to make a big move to the extremely competitive - and expensive - city of London, one of the most important designing capitals of the world.

 I was wrong ... and I feel extremely excited to have found the perfect position so close to home and in the seaside resort of Scarborough, North Yorkshire that carries many personal memories close to me. Also, unbelievably, this is the place where my mum began sharing her outstanding talent in interior design. As with many little girls, she was and still is my biggest inspiration. I am so proud to begin in the same place and it is just another reason to why I feel like this opportunity was made for me. 

After many years of serious academic studying, (I have to admit, I have always followed literature and mathematical tracks, alongside the arts and design, because, well, we are told to do so) I did enjoy strengthening my core academic skills yet I, and everyone close to me, could see so clearly that my passion, talent and belonging truly lies within the creative field. 

I have learnt that it is so important to stand out from the crowd when it comes to applying for jobs and internships, particularly in this field.  When people say, 'just be yourself', it sounds so cliché. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and what is meant to be will be, so I feel that being myself and letting my passion and talent naturally shine through is exactly how I got the most exciting and memorable phone call offering me the position while I was furniture shopping. I feel completely overwhelmed to have had a door opened for me, so suddenly, which leads directly back into the middle of the designing world.

I am beyond excited to learn everything there is to know about the design world, and to be lucky enough to work alongside the creator and director herself. Lisa is a lady that so evidently inspires every person she meets within a minute. After spending my interview talking about The Devil Wears Prada, I knew straight away that I had met an amazing leader and team who also have become my friends. Being an intern often means you are at the bottom of the heap; nothing could be further from the truth for me … a very fortunate intern. 

 As a part-time intern, I am three weeks/eight days in and I already feel like a big part of the team. I believe that I have adopted the wonderfully eccentric style of the company that shined so brightly to me, even when I was an outsider. I have learnt the appropriate software and marketing styles while familiarising myself with client and manufacturer lists. I have designed and sent proposals that led to me managing my own clients already. This is my favourite part: the early stages of bringing an instruction or mental image to life. I love exploring and creating inspirational mood boards in order to excite and also comfort the client so they know they will receive a completely bespoke design and creation! I have enjoyed days working outside the office installing projects and I am so grateful to be trusted by Lisa and prove that we have a mutual understanding and shared visuals. I am also proud to say that I am taking over the management of the So… Visualise social media platforms, mostly Instagram. So… catch us there too!

I look forward to sharing my So… Visualise journey with anyone that is interested or anyone who is a part of our company, or perhaps with those that would like to follow a similar path or career.

Cheers to making moves, dreaming big and being one of the lucky ones whose workdays are so varied and fun. 

Stay weird and wonderful!

With Joy & Laughter,

Olivia Britton.