So…close your eyes and think of the flower fields of France

As the cloak of winter wrapped itself around us, here at So … Visualise, we’ve had a glimpse of spring by way of  fresh colours, varied textures, and floral inspiration thanks to the world-famous beauty and skincare company. L’Occitane’s stylish retail outlets can be found worldwide and their products are beautiful to see, touch and smell, showing the very best Provence has to offer.

So… how did we help this iconic French brand?

We were approached by a member of their team following a trade show to see if we could create a bespoke foliage stand for one of their main offices here in the UK. Our team went a bit ‘Gardeners World’ and made a one-off, real-as-you-could-get-yet-it’s-artificial luscious foliage wall. As our green fingers didn’t let us down, we were then asked to create a social media wall or backdrop for them.

Oh la la!

So… their bespoke social media wall ‘prop’ had to be moveable. Not too heavy. Completely unique. Capture the focus of floral foliage. And still be recognisably L’Occitane. Oh, la la indeed.

Thinking caps on !

We needed our team to transport themselves to Provence (in their minds, not literally!), capture its light and warmth, and create something textured, complex and full of life. Provence is known for its rows of robust yet calming lavender, the heady scents of peony and pungent rosemary … in short, some of the best examples of Mother Nature’s creations. Flowers would definitely have the focus. Yet this was flower arranging of a different sort.

First we created for them a graphic visual to capture the overall design but we knew it wouldn’t do justice to the depth and finish that the final wall would bring.

So… we produced a moveable wall on castor wheels. The framework, which would hold the iconic L’Occitane en Provence logo, was laser cut (for accuracy) and then powder coated. 

We then had to get to grips with our green fingers again and gradually build up the layers of flowers, resembling a miniature Garden of Eden. We wanted the wall of flowers to look organic and each flower was carefully mapped in such a precise place, it was a balancing act of the floral variety.

L'Occitane bespoke flower wall close up.jpg

It wasn’t so much a case of not having a hair out of place, rather having each petal, stem and frond in the exact place.

So we are delighted to say ‘nous avon fin pour le moment’! (We have finished for the moment!).

Yet did you know that L’Occitane itself had a humble start?

Their journey, like so many globally recognised brands, has ‘bijou’ beginnings: a small truck, a young man who began distilling rosemary essential oil to sell locally and the rest, as they say, is history.

When we go to one of their stores, we can smell the fragrant oils, imagine the golden fields and the hot sun of Provence, a region that borders Italy and the sparkling seas of the Mediterranean, and where L’Occitane’s story began.

So… our little piece of Provence will hopefully have roots going forward … watch this space!

L'Occitane bespoke flower wall.jpeg