Time for an update from the So … Visualise team

You might remember we were asked to write a blog for Virgin Start Up last year.

This we duly did. And we were very chuffed to be asked and included.

Virgin  StartUp. So Visualise Aug blog.jpg

So … when another opportunity arose with Virgin (in other words, Virgin Start Up Blog – Round Two), we simply did not hesitate.

This time, the questions were based on social media.

Broad, we know, yet as we read through the questions, we twigged that we could extol the virtues of our most successful platform: Instagram.



For the uninitiated, it’s a very visual social media platform, and so for us and for what we do, Instagram is picture perfect.

Yet you know when something is difficult to define, or to pin down? When we came to put fingers to the keyboard, we had to really distance ourselves from Instagram itself … in other words, define and explain how Instagram works well for us without giving away any valuable nuggets of information.

This took some doing!

And it also made us revisit our Instagram account from a fresh angle.


Learning Everyday

So … we believe that you learn new something everyday, and being asked to write this blog also showed us how to follow our own advice!

We have now added the blog to our Instagram page, and made sure we’ve described what we do in neat and tidy way.

Of course, the best thing to do is to read the blog itself … https://www.virginstartup.org/how-to/heres-how-we-use-instagram-lisa-borrie-so-visualise


A Little Bit of This and That

We like to think we’re quirky. And that little bit different. And once you’ve heard of us, we’re difficult to forget. Or something along these lines.

Of course, being selected by such a large organisation like Virgin Start Up is huge honour … yet we have to be able to deliver too!

Our working day can take any tack, twist or turn, depending on our clients.

Yet there is a continual, invisible thread that draws our style together and our Instagram page helps make that thread visible.

And this one of the reasons why Instgram was featured (and not our Facebook or Twitter feeds).

H’mmm – this would probably mean writing yet another blog.

Until next time!