So...London Fashion Week Darlings!

If you’re a follower of fashion, then you’ll know London Fashion Week took place from 14th to 18th September, darlings!

So Visualise had an artistic presence at a prestigious prelude event to London Fashion Week earlier this month.This high profile VIP curated event was held from 13th-16th September at the Old Central St Martins college in Holborn shining a spotlight on the world's fashion calendars main event London Fashion week, showcasing designers from around the globe.

Our artisan makers of the weird and wonderful had the great honour of creating numerous design pieces for this iconic show, used in strategic areas as the world’s greatest designers mingled and had a few ‘tete a tetes’.

So… when we received the design brief, it was eclectic and from the moment we got the list, we knew this would give our creators and ‘au courant’ designers a challenge. The brief included 18 hand crafted geo puzzles in a spectrum of four hues presented in elegant bell jars. Forget the brightly-coloured Rubik’s Cube, these babies were carefully constructed cubes that had an Escher-like never-ending quality, together with a luggage tag featuring the phrase ‘Lift to discover Tom Ford’ in handwriting that would delight any calligrapher.

We were then asked to create half a dozen silver skulls with Pantone®-matched blue sprayed bunches of grapes along with a personalised newspaper article. Together these looked amazing, chic and memorable.

If you love a three piece suit and a traditional accoutrements, then So… Visualise were asked to create two bespoke printed pocket squares, hand-printed on shiny satin material which then nestled perfectly in the pocket of a navy blue jacket resting on a dress-makers mannequin.

Next, we all know that if you’re superstitious, then avoid breaking a mirror for fear of seven years’ bad luck … however, for London Fashion Week this was not a consideration as we were briefed to create half a dozen cracked mirror effect books that were hollow inside. Each tome housed a magnifying glass and personalised text that rested in the small, comfy space within.

Finally our commission asked us for some giclee printed portraits with painted artist details overlaid with bespoke vinyl print. For those of us unsure as to what a giclee printing involves, let us enlighten you … this process uses fade-resistant, archival inks and is used by artists for reproduction purposes (for example to make a reproduction of a single, one-off piece while preserving the original).

There is a theme to these seemingly disseminated works … there was a strong grey, blue and black colour palette; there was a theme of the printed word in transient times; and together they all looked incredible.

This commission was one we won’t forget and the outcome was testament to our teamwork and our strong position in the bespoke creation industry.