So...much support up North!

So... it’s a BIG thank you to the Business Up North’s website, which brings the latest business SME news straight from … you’ve guessed it, The North!

Scarborough sea front beach

Entitled ‘When Retail Met Magic’, the online article tells our story so far. And while we work at various locations in the south, we’re very proud to be based in the north.

As a business located close to the beautiful Yorkshire Coast (a constant source of inspiration), we’ve got the best of both worlds ... a visual merchandising company in breath-taking countryside and an enviable work-life balance.

And we’re part of a nationwide network of incredibly supportive businesses based both in the north and the south.

We’ve got a heck of a lot going for us as a northern-based enterprise … great locations; a encouraging business network; a shared set of values; incredible history; innovative entrepreneurs.

Here at So… Visualise we can work with anyone, just about anywhere, but we never forget our northern roots. As well as great customer service, our family life is also important.

So… we aim to stay strong and be true to our northern influences, and bring our creative energies to enhance your business, wherever you might be!