So...Birds of a feather

So … you may have noticed our colourful, magical feathered friends on the homepage of our website!

A pink flamingo and a brightly coloured parrot have flown in from their exotic locations to bring lustre and fun to our So … Visualise world.

As well as having some of the plushest plumage in the bird world, we selected these two exotic creatures for their symbolic significance, as well as their aesthetic beauty.

We’ve done some research, and it seems the iridescent male peacocks represent a number of different emotions and thoughts across the globe.

Originally from India, in Hindu culture, the peacock is sometimes associated with the sun, patience, kindness and luck. In Persian history, they were often seen as a guardian to royalty, sometimes respectfully engraved on royal thrones.

In ancient Greece, Athenians paid to see the glorious male birds with their magnificent, fan-like feather display.

In early Christianity, the peacock is seen has representing resurrection and renewal.

And if you’ve heard of the phoenix, then the peacock is sometimes regarded as the earthly manifestation of this mythological bird; a long-lived creature that rises from its own ashes and is reborn, time after time.

Perhaps the most beautiful and hypnotic aspect of a peacock’s plumage is the beautiful ‘eye’ of the male tail-feathers. The tail-feathers are sometimes believed have the capability of absorbing negative energies!

And while we work close to the sea, that’s not the only reason we selected the remarkable parrot to ‘nest’ on our website!

Parrots are usually very friendly and good natured – just like the So … Visualise team! Great companions, very intelligent, and often long living, these strikingly hued birds make great pets.

Yet the parrot has other meanings, apart from being associated with pirates, of course.

If your nocturnal dreams feature a parrot, then it could be time to revisit your life goals and see a fresh, new perspective of your future (maybe the So … Visualise team could help too!)

Parrots have often appeared in ancient culture: the Mayans are believed to have worshipped parrots as their colourful feathers featured in their ritual attire. These beautiful birds were associated with fertility with different colours having different meanings: red meant unfulfilled desires, for example.

So … if you’ve seen these lovely birds of a feather when you’ve visited our website, not only are they distinctive creatures, they also represent so much that’s relevant to our So … Visualise world!