So...Women in business supporting each other

On another visit to London I attended a networking event. With a little bit of mingling and sharing details I met Amy, debuty editor of Amor magazine. She made contact with me a few days later after hearing my story and explained I was on their list for women crush wednesday feature! eekk

I was so grateful another fantastic opportunity and especially women supporting women. Right up my street!

Within days we had quickly organised a Skype interview with Amy and very handy that I had recently been introduced to another amazing business gal Jo Coates of We met for a coffee and to get to know each other while also nosing around at potential photo shoot location. The date was booked.

Amy made the Skype call and discussed how the business began, where we see it going, discussed clients, what advice I would give etc (click link to read article). My very first press interview was complete, did I enjoy it and feel proud? yes, but did I maybe feel a little unsure of what I said! I'm a very honest person but you maybe don't want everything you say out loud writing down.ha!

Words of advice when being interviewed for a press release: 

1. Make a few key notes before hand of certain things or people you'd like mentioned in it.

2. If you don't want to answer a certain question or you feel you wouldn't want it in your press release, well just politely decline that one don't feel pressured.

3. Don't rush through, listen well to their questions and stay calm so your answers are clear.

4. Be proud! Be positive don't undervalue your achievements , they wouldn't be interviewing you if they didn't think you would make a good feature.

5. Enjoy it!

The day of the photo shoot was the sunniest nicest day ever! We felt like we'd jumped on a flight to Spain. Jo put me at ease very relaxed professional and supportive. Jo was super duper quick on getting the photos back to me with even her suggestion of ones for the feature. 

Job done pics sent to Amy and the feature was released! Good times.

Continuing support from the fab gals at Amor and we''ll be working with Jo again soon.