So...Fascinating history

So...did you know Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol created incredible visual window displays!?

Visual displays always seem so...modern but just take a brief glimpse to where the story began...

 5th Avenue, 2 words and instantly we know where, a worldwide renowned retail shopping location. The retail boom of the 1940's gave way to artists crossing over to the retail world. The windows became their exhibition displays. 

Salvador Dali was given a series of commissions by 5th Avenue store Bonwit Teller. His outlandish style gave them the edge they needed to make customers stop in their tracks at times with such a risqué style that the store would feel it necessary to cover the outrage of Dali.

Next in line was Andy Warhol for the same store. He worked for a successful length of time with them using his commercial pop art style as a backdrop to the dressed mannequins. The breakthrough came in 1961 with the iconic comic and newspaper advertisement paintings paving the way for his following successful artistic years.

Others quickly followed suit, and I have to say all these images I found are timeless.