Bringing colour & magic to the world

So...Visualise is a creative prop making company supplying the elements for our clients to tell their visual stories.

Bespoke prop for London Fashion Week.  Handcrafted geo puzzle.

Bespoke prop for London Fashion Week. Handcrafted geo puzzle.

Dwell; digest; deliver – our visual merchandising ensures your brand is bold, different and memorable through our creative prop making company.

We supply creative, bespoke props to promote your powerful and unique visual identity, which in turn helps your business defy conventionality and create sales.

With a decade’s experience in the design industry, we work with a wide range of bespoke artisans who fulfill each client's request, however elusive or challenging.

We can source, design, create and install displays to achieve your desired artistic expression. 

Our expert work family is based in North Yorkshire; we supply nationwide and go wherever the visual journey takes us …


...Peculiarity is not only welcome but encouraged.



A few of our clients

We've had the opportunity to work with some incredible clients throughout various creative sectors from high end luxury brand retailers to TV production companies.  We've worked to specific bespoke briefs sourcing, creating and designing props to suit their projects.


Visual merchandising props, retail display design, photo shoot props, TV and film props, stylist prop creation all at your finger tips here!  We deliver a professional personal experience, carrying out impressive standards of work, small time scales are no problem, resulting in appealing and eye-catching exhibits. We work closely with you to propose ideas or work to your brief, taking care of your visual needs ensuring your company continues to stand out and succeed in the industry.

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